sobota, 1 grudnia 2012

"Summer Dawn" - full collection :)

"Summer Dawn" - and this is the first kit from the series of "Painted Love".
I feel the smell of summer - I love summer, I love the sun and warm breeze!
The amalgamation of red, orange and yellow makes the kit elegant and unique! in this kit are my beloved poppies.... o!
The kit contains 50 high quality elements (300dpi),alpha and 5 wonderful papers (3600x3600, 300dpi);
The elements don't have shadows - shadows were only added for the purpose of the preview.
Some elements appear in recolored versions.
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 Full Kit:

and the surprise for you:
 qp by Svetlanka - Thank You :*)

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BlueCat pisze...

Beautiful kit!
Thanks for the free page.

Agata68 pisze...

thank you! magnificent kits !

Sisterhood of the Traveling Vans pisze...

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