sobota, 1 grudnia 2012

Blessed Moment - **new** Full Kit collab with SussieM + coupons + freebie

"Blessed Moment" - my part - composed of 80 elements, and 8 papers which will help you create setting to your memories. The memories that will bring back the first moments of your child’s life, a souvenir from a wedding, a walk, a card with greetings or a souvenir from your first Holy Communion.
White flowers give elegance and lightness, the chosen colours are subtle and pleasing to the eye. I am sure that working with this kit (my and Marzenka's) will be enjoyable and will give a lot of satisfaction.

This kit is a part of special collaboration project with SussieM - Marzenka :) We thought it will be fun to use the same subject and color scheme and then create separate kits...

You can find Marzenka's Moment to Treasure 

And now fantastic pages by my very talented CT:





and surprise 4 YOU :D

Have fun!! 

9 komentarzy:

PrelestnayaP pisze...

Fantastic kit! And sooo beautiful pages of your CT! :)

Uyen pisze...

Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for the coupon for this gorgeous kit! I love it! Your CT pages are so beautiful. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

BlueCat pisze...

Thank you very much for the coupon.
This kit is fabulous! And pages are beautiful

Карамелька pisze...

Thank you very much for your coupon! A set of excellent! And just in time, I'm doing a wedding photo book for my husband! Thanks again! I am very happy!

Komarik pisze...

So beautiful kit!!! Love such elements!!!

Anonimowy pisze...

Thank you so much!

Michelle pisze...

Thank you, a beautiful kit

Ani pisze...

he is precious. Thanks to share

Anonimowy pisze...

TYFS this gorgeous QP:)) Alms

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