sobota, 1 grudnia 2012

Feelings - New Collection, new CU & coupons 4 You!

A kit "Feelings" has been prepared on a special occasion.

It’s my daughter’s fourth birthday.

She loves dancing, singing and flowers. Yet the kit is not only for little princesses – you can create marvellous souvenirs from marriage, christening, birthday or any other celebration.

The kit contains 10 light, subtle papers, 4 papers with prepared scenes and 90 elements;

I am sure you’ll enjoy it!

Have a nice shopping!


Here is another pack of beautiful pieces of lace which you can use in your own kits.
The pack consists of 5 pieces of lace for commercial use.
The real look of individual elements is included in peeks – you are welcomed to see all of it of course. Mentioned pieces of lace are singled out from background, saved as .png (300 dpi) – and they are real (not painted, without the use of paintbrushes etc.);
The kit contains big, wide pieces of lace with flower motifs – and one napkin;
Have a nice shopping! 

and LO's:

Thank you Girls for all the great comments :)

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Madeline pisze...

Wow! Fantastic kit sweetie...Happy 4th birthday to your Dear daughter:)All the bst to her.Have a wonderful weekend!
Oops! I can't find the coupon or I guess it's gone...xoxo

Marti pisze...

Najserdeczniejsze zyczenia dla coreczki.Dziekuje ze znalazlam sie w gronie zwyciezcow.pozdrawiam cieplutko

BlueCat pisze...

Congrats to the winners!
These new kits look gorgeous, but I don't see a link to your store in this post.

Алена pisze...

Oh! Dear congratulate your daughter a happy Rozhen. Your wonderful set. I'll buy it.

Em-ka pisze...

linda pisze...

Thank you for the lovely Frames!

Gold Team pisze...

On Russian site your sets, including the new are free of charge distributed

I urge to struggle with a piracy

Anonimowy pisze...

this is a REAL chance to have the kit FEELINGS just for FREE :

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